Brooklyn Bespoke

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In preparation to do a photo essay for the Bloodlines project I collaborated with fashion and textile designer Sigfrido Holguin and Tony a tailor trained in the bespoke traidition of hand cut and crafted clothing. We began our project by creating two characters and a story for each of them. These stories then led to drawings and designs for two costumes. Each was hand sewn and fitted for a photo shoot.


The garment for the persona Isabella is made of silk, toile, and poly chiffon. The fabric was then hand dyed to tone down the colors in some areas of the camouflage. The idea for the gown was to create a dress that would accentuate the hips of the model and provide radical cues back to the story of this Dominican revolutionary.

The other persona of the American revolutionary officer inspired the creation of a uniform. In the story of this officer and his men, there is a scene where they capture a supply train of silks and fine wool, the officer lovingly sews new uniforms for his regiment who are freezing in the winter wilderness of revolutionary New Jersey. The colors from the story and the patterns and toile were matched to create a pink and saffron pallette to soften the edge of a military uniform.

In addition to the costume, a hat, and sash were also created. The sash is covered is laminated slikscreen prints each pinned to it as a medal or badge. These images were also used to create a limited edition of silkscreen prints.

These costumes were then worn by models for a photoshoot and pictorial essay.