I Have Eyes For You

Mrs. Ritterbush, 2008, Copyright Andrew Cornell Robinson

I Have Eyes for You, Ceramic, wood, felt, silkscreen, t-pins, 2015. Variable (The box is 3.5 x 16 x 16", and the wall installation is 
36 x 72 x .5")


“Not all who would be are Narcissus. Many who lean over the water see only a vague human figure. Genet sees himself everywhere; the dullest surfaces reflect his image; even in others he perceives himself, thereby bringing to light their deepest secrets.”
– Jean-Paul Sartre, Introduction, The Thief’s Journal by Jean Genet

Eyes for You, Ceramic, Stain, Enamel, Metal, Plastic

Studio notes. I recieved a letter from my friend Christine Hill, who was living in what was once East Berlin. Her letter arrived in a thin paper envelope; doodled into the corner was the phrase "I Have Eyes for you..." and a small series of eyes were drawn in different styles filling the margin of the envelope. It captured her sense of humor, dry and a little random. I recently stumbled across that little doodled envelop pasted into an old sketchbook and it made me smile. I was reminded of her and decided to make this box to explore that notion of having a gift of eyes.

I've layed out a series of clay slabs and tiles and I've invited friends and visitors to the studio to paint an eye or eyes on a slab with a chalky black oxide stain I've concocted. The result is a small stash of eyes, comic, illustrative, surprised and demented, sad and silly, sanquin and sultry.