Luxury handbags, objets d'art
designed and hand crafted in New York City.

We are makers, attracted to functional and beautiful objects that enhance the way people express them selves through fashion, accessories and objet d'art. Unrelenting in our pursuit of craft, art and design; we aspire to create beautiful things.

Sigfrido Holguin with several handbag designs

Partners and creative collaborators Sigfrido Holguin Javier and Andrew Cornell Robinson both come from a long line of designers and artisans, and seamlessly fuse their distinct talents and aesthetics to create the singular Hoxton style.

In our studio in Brooklyn and with our many creative collaborators, we've come up with an exciting collection of new designs.  From inspiration to the sure comfort of an heirloom quality bag slung over your shoulder, it all starts here, at the drawing table, researching materials, leather and color swatches, pencils, brushes, pens and a favorite music setting the mood.

Contact us hoxton@acrstudio.com

A Little Wicked, 279 E. Houston St., New York, NY.(212) 777-1190 www.alittlewicked.com

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