Reimagining a radical life.

Project Notes: Marat, a character driven study for a project that explores the notion of rebellion.

A collection of objects, images and ideas will be posted here as this project progresses.

Situations - Drawings of each scene to be photographed and filmed.

Words and Images – Transcribe a series of broadsides, for printing and painting.

Disobedient objects - Artifacts, Props and Heirlooms - an uncomfortable office partition, single room occupancy, stolen office supplies, house wares, toiletries, clothing, an over coat for shop lifting, a desk set, trophies, etc.

Words and Images

Broadside I Desperate Measures, 2012, Silkscreen.


Sketch for Salt Cellars, Andrew Cornell Robinson

Sketch for ceramic wall hanging salt cellars.

Desk Set I

Desk Set I, 2011/2012, Majolica glazed earthernware.

Desk Set I, Detail

Desk Set I Detail


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