"Mariposa," is the product of collaboration between Andrew Cornell Robinson and Australian jewelry designer George Plionis. This work expanding the boundaries of their art and craft work and examines themes such as identity, sexuality, and transformation.

Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. It is also slang in Mexico for a homosexual. The equivalent in English might be the word queer or faggot. When George and I began this collaboration be were looking for ways to turn this Mexican slang into a word of empowerment, without losing touch with the sting of its origin. Looking at butterfly eggs, considering notions of transformation lead us to sew small glazed ceramic sequins that I made in my studio together with pearls, glass and gold onto a large cord, reminiscent of a hangman’s cord. Pulling all these elements together reveals a powerful necklace, riding a line between the masculine and feminine, between beauty and violence.

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